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Pregnancy has an effect on your body whether your 6 weeks or even 20 years postpartum.  We are here to help you retrain and strengthen your deep core, your posture, and improve muscle imbalances so you can safely get back to things like exercise and taking care of your family.

Staying Fit


Pregnancy involves carrying a lot of weight on the front side of the body. The pelvis will shift forward, the abdominals are stretched, and the rib cage will elevate to accommodate a growing child. Not only that, but there is a lot of pressure down on the pelvic floor, musculature, organs, and connective tissue.  A lot of these postural changes will continue beyond pregnancy and create imbalance into the postpartum period. When combining these postural changes with hormonal fluctuations, it is important to re-train the body and core to be able to return safely to exercise and everyday activities.  Too early return without appropriate control can lead to things like back pain, hip pain, leakage, diastasis, and prolapse.  It can even lead to problems years down the road.

We are here to help you safely get back to being you, whether your are 6 weeks or 20 years postpartum. Back pain, leaking, diastasis, prolapse and hip pain may be common, but do not have to be normal after having a baby.  Our 6 visit postpartum program starts with an evaluation which allows us to give you the necessary steps to retrain your body and return it balance.  Not only do we teach you mobility techniques, but we teach you how to activate the deep core and surrounding musculature so you can get back to life confident and strong.

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